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FlipBook Creator for Mac

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  • In English
  • Version: 1.4.5

An Easy-to-Use Tool that Lets You Create Flipbooks

FlipBook Creator is a robust tool that helps convert images to excellent offline or online flash pages with a flipping effect. The tool makes your images and PDF files look like real magazines in no time.

Support for Multiple Image Formats

FlipBook Creator lets you convert images and PDF files into flipbooks. You may convert these files individually or in large batches. There are three simple steps to converting the files. And the image formats supported are PNG, JPG, TIFF and GIF. The best and probably the most important thing about this tool is its user-friendly interface. The UI makes using the tool quite easy. Adding, setting or creating flash flipbooks on your Mac should be pretty straightforward. Even if you have not made flipbooks before, you should not have a problem using FlipBook Creator.

Output Types

The tool saves your files as HTML5 or PDF files. Just choose the photos you’d like to convert and see the output files with the page-flipping effect. Your results should be flawless regardless of the file type you choose for the output. However, the PDF files come out even better. Moreover, FlipBook Creator supports PDF files in a variety of languages, which includes English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, and Portuguese (Brazil). If you are not familiar with English or if you want to work with files in your native language, FlipBook Creator accommodates you quite well.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Supports PDF files in multiple languages


  • Many users have complained about zero flipbook-creating functionality
  • Could have been sold for free


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FlipBook Creator


FlipBook Creator 1.4.5 for Mac


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